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Another Barn Raising

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The animals at The San Francisco School have a new home! In a project that reflects the collaborative spirit of the school, students, teachers, parents and community members worked together to design and build a new home for our school animals.

Ready for residents!

Our school Librarian and Naturalist, Solveig Dimon who was involved with the project wrote an overview of this collaborative effort.

On our annual spring visit to Toluma Farms, when the Second Grade class brings two baby goats back to school, Tamara Hicks (parent of alumnae Josie & Emmy and our generous host at Toluma Farms) suggested I talk to her Farm Manager, Dylan Flynn, about building us a barn. Dylan of Slide Ranch animal shelter building fame, came to SFS and met with students and our Lower School Head, Maggie Weis, to hear their ideas and talk about the animal needs from their perspectives. Dylan came back to us with a plan, which most elementary students looked at in detail, asking questions and imagining how the buildings would work in the existing triangular pen.

The building itself was a model of collaboration in our community. Mika’s (5th grade student) grandfather dug the french drains with his pneumatic digger. Greg Wright (parent of 8th grader, Quincy, and husband of North Class Head teacher, Vahlee), gave us a huge supply of materials and loaned equipment such as generators and power tools. The barn was built primarily using reclaimed wood.

Facilities Manager, Jorge Garcia, Director of Finance and Operations, Jeanette Moore and our Facilities team made sure we had everything we needed for the workdays. Parent of Oscar (5th grade), Caroline and Nadine (3rd grade), Thor Denmark, worked for over six full days with Dylan during the summer. At least a dozen other dedicated parents from across the school joined this crew for the Spring and Fall Workdays.

All through the process people seemed delighted to help. Come see the chickens, rabbits and children at play in their new home!



Posted September 02, 2015