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Learning Resources


Our counseling staff works to support the community in nourishing mentally and emotionally healthy kids and families.

In Preschool-4th Grade, student support is grounded in the classroom through the development of strong teacher-student relationships, daily class meetings, social-emotional lessons, and student problem-solving conferences. K-4th Graders are further supported by our Educational Therapist. As a member of the student support team, the Educational Therapist provides short-term individual and group counseling in support of emotional development and growth. Groups are facilitated in response to students’ social and emotional needs, including social skills and affinity groups. Additionally, in collaboration with classroom teachers and the Division Head, the Educational Therapist can assist families with outside referrals.

In 5th-8th Grades, the Upper School Counselor supports the personal and social development of students and provides guidance to families and school staff to assist students in being successful and emotionally healthy. If the Upper School Counselor feels that a student may benefit from therapeutic intervention, they will discuss options with the student’s parents or guardians to access outside therapy services. For students 12 years or older, the school counselor may discuss options for services directly with the student.

The Upper School Counselor meets with individual students or groups of students as needed. To access counseling services, students may contact the counselor themselves or they may be referred by school personnel, family members, or other students. Students under age 12 must have the consent of a parent or guardian to receive counseling services, while students age 12 or older do not need parental consent to receive services. 

The Upper School Counselor will maintain the confidentiality of information a student shares except when waived by the student; if disclosure is necessary to accomplish the goals of counseling; or to ensure the safety of the student or others. The counselor will not disclose information, even to a student’s parent or guardian if doing so would put the student at risk of harm. All SFS staff members are mandated reporters and are required by law to report suspected child abuse or neglect to child protective services or law enforcement.