Learning Resources

The Learning Services Department strives to help students understand who they are as learners and how they can experience personal achievement.

The Learning Services team works directly with students in Kindergarten through 8th Grades, providing individual and small group pullout sessions, in-class assistance, and whole group lessons on student learning.

Learning Specialists meet every week with Head Teachers and grade-level teams to address individual student needs and develop modifications and accommodations. They also assist teachers in designing differentiated curriculum and instruction that meets the needs of a variety of students and connect regularly with parenting adults to provide resources and support specific to the strengths and needs of their child.

At times, referrals to outside specialists for tutoring or evaluations are necessary to support the learning of some students. Occasionally screenings are administered to determine baseline proficiencies in a specific subject or skill area. The results from these assessments guide instruction, establish goals, and lay a foundation for assessing student progress.