6th Grade


The 6th Grade math program helps students develop the skills, strategies, and confidence necessary to become powerful problem-solvers.

Sixth Graders stretch and flex their mathematical minds by working on a variety of rich problems that have real-world connections. On a typical day, students are encouraged to explore multiple ways of thinking through problems, verbalize their strategies, and justify their reasoning. Through actively engaging in mathematics, rather than simply practicing procedures, students discover the value of talking, reasoning, and making connections in math. The primary resource for sixth-grade math is published by Illustrative Mathematics. Supplementary lessons and resources are used to ensure that students have rich opportunities to work on topics including number and operations, ratio and proportion, expressions and equations, geometry, and statistics.

Essential Questions

  • How can I use what I know to figure out what I don’t know?
  • How is math valuable in my life?
  • How does making a mistake help me grow?

Learn more about our Math program in the Curriculum Guide.