6th Grade


The Sixth Grade science program aims to ignite students’ curiosity and to cultivate their passion for discovery. 

Interactive class activities are designed to provide a foundation on which scientific concepts stick. The curriculum incorporates aspects of life science, physical science, earth science, and engineering. Students will develop their skills of investigation, analysis, and explanation through a variety of hands-on lab experiences, simulations, games, debates, and projects. Instead of working with a single textbook, each unit of study is crafted from a variety of resources including texts, magazine articles, and web resources.


  • How does creativity power science?
  • How do I think and behave like a scientist?
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    6th Grade Science

    • Scientific Inquiry and the Nature of Science:

      • What is science?
      • What are the qualities of a good investigation question?
      • How do I plan and conduct a fair scientific investigation?
      • How do engineers solve problems?

      Environmental Science:

      • How do human activities affect the earth?
      • What are the components of a sound scientific argument?
      • How do my choices impact the environment?
      • What is environmental justice?

      Human Body Systems:

      • How are structure and function related in living things?
      • How do the human body systems work together?
      • How can I keep my body healthy?

      Plate Tectonics:

      • How do rocks reveal secrets about Earth?
      • What forces and processes cause the shaping and reshaping of Earth’s Crust?
      • How can I design and build a structure that can withstand an earthquake?