Preschool & Kindergarten


How can I be myself and be a leader in the class?

In the mixed-age classroom, our Kindergarten students consider this question as part of learning the academic skills they will need to succeed in First Grade and beyond. SFS Kindergarten students are the leaders in the classroom - welcoming and supporting the younger students, modeling routines, and even writing and sharing our daily menu using their best guess spelling. The children learn that being a leader can be fun but also comes with additional responsibility. In addition, when Kindergarteners teach the younger children, they learn better themselves.

While they share the space and certain daily routines with the younger students, our Kindergarteners also have separate circle and pullout times with an emphasis on:

  • Language Arts - Reading and writing poetry, journal writing, reading, and learning about language rules and sight words alongside phonetic reading.
  • Math - Patterns, arithmetic, estimation, measurement, time, money, geometry, place value introduction, odd and even numbers.
  • Science - Hands on experiments.

In alignment with current education research, The San Francisco School does not assign homework for our Kindergarten students.