The preparation and work the faculty puts into the curriculum is evident in their daily growth of the children. This school is an incredible gift.”
— Elementary School parent

The San Francisco School Elementary School consists of First through Fifth grade. Each year, the two preschool Kindergarten classes combine to form one First Grade class of approximately 22 students. There is only one classroom for each Elementary grade, with one full time head teacher and one full time assistant teacher in First and Second Grade. There is one full time head teacher and one half time assistant teacher for Third through Fifth Grade.

While the Preschool/Kindergarten program is our primary entry point, we add students to the Elementary group every year as spaces open up.

From young 6-year-olds to pre-teens, the students develop an ability to learn, create and discover that The San Francisco School nurtures, guides and sustains throughout the Elementary years.

The San Francisco School Preschool & Kindergarten Application Process
Admissions Guide
    •    Step 1: Get to know The San Francisco School
    •    Step 2: Apply for admission
    •    Step 3 & 4: Submit a teacher evaluation form & records release form
    •    Step 5:Apply for Indexed Tuition (if applicable)
    •    Step 6: Interviews & assessments
    •    Step 7: Admissions decisions

Step 1: Get to know The San Francisco School

We would love for you to visit us so that we can get acquainted! The best way to do this is by attending a daytime school tour.

Tour sign-ups to apply for the 2018-2019 school year will be available in September 2017. Please contact the Admissions Office with questions.

Elementary School tours begin in October and occur on select Mondays through December. Tours for Elementary applicants occur simultaneously with tours for Kindergarten applicants but include a different schedule of class observations. Online tour sign-ups are made available every mid-September. Please note that school tours are for adults only.

We also offer an Elementary Curriculum Open House on Saturday, December 2 as a complement to our daytime school tours. There is not a formal program for children applying to Elementary, parents may bring them along at their own discretion.

Step 2: Apply for Admission

Online Application

The deadline for September 2018 admission is December 18, 2018. Please complete your application before by this date for equal consideration. Parents must attend a tour before applying.

We prefer that you submit an online application. However, if you do not have reliable access to the Internet please call the school to request a paper application.

A $100 application fee is due with the application.

Step 3: Submit a teacher evaluation form

Preschool-1st Grade Teacher Evaluation Form (pdf)

2nd-8th Grade Teacher Evaluation Form (pdf)
Submit this form to your child’s current teacher. This form should be completed and mailed, emailed or faxed by the teacher directly to The San Francisco School before the application deadline.

Step 4: Submit Transcript

Request for Educational Records (pdf)

Please sign and submit this form to your child’s current school registrar. Your child’s current school will be responsible for mailing all transcripts, teacher reports and any standardized test results from the past two years of schooling directly to The San Francisco School.

These documents along with the teacher evaluation form must be received before the application deadline in order for your child’s application to be considered complete.

Step 5: Apply for Indexed Tuition

The San Francisco School values diversity in all respects and is committed to the accessibility and affordability of a quality education. We strive for an economically diverse student body and offer indexed tuition to families who may need support while attending SFS. Currently, 28% of our families pay a reduced tuition as part of our indexed tuition program.

Indexed tuition applications are available in early October and can be requested during a school tour or on our website. Since the indexed tuition process may take several weeks, please complete these forms as early as possible. All necessary information is due by January 18, 2018.

Indexed tuition awards will be sent electronically along with general admission decision letters on March 6, 2018 for the 3 and 4 year old program and March 15, 2018 for Kindergarten - Eighth Grade. Please visit the indexed tuition area of our website for more detailed information about the indexed tuition program, process and policies.

Step 6: Interviews & Assessments

Admission into First – Fifth grade depends on spaces becoming available. Therefore, we are only able to invite a handful of families in for an interview and assessment based on the number of spots we predict will be available for the following school year. Retaining the balance and integrity of class composition is very important to us. Much of how we decide on which families to bring in is based on the current class composition. Therefore, if we feel as though your family is a good fit for a specific space, we will contact you in early February for an interview and assessment. All families will receive notification by early February with an update on your child’s application status. Elementary applicants are invited to spend time at the school to meet their potential classmates and teachers. Parents are interviewed on the day of their child’s visit.

Step 7: Admissions decisions

All K-8 independent schools in San Francisco send their decisions to families on March 15, 2018 and require that parents enroll their children by 10 a.m. on March 22, 2018. 

A $1,100 non-refundable one-time enrollment fee is due at the time your child is accepted.
All applications remain active for two years. Therefore, if admission is not offered the first time around, you may reactivate your application the following year. Simply contact the admissions office in the Fall and update your existing application with any new information that will be helpful to the process (ie: a new teacher evaluation, if applicable).

The San Francisco School values the richness of its diversity and actively seeks students from racially, socio-economically and culturally diverse families, including lesbian, gay and transgender families, single-parent families, adoptive and foster families.