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Indexed Tuition

The Indexed Tuition program has made it possible for our child to attend a great school that we otherwise could not have afforded. The San Francisco School has provided support for our family in more ways than one.”
— Current Middle School Parent

The San Francisco School values diversity in all respects and is committed to the accessibility and affordability of a quality education. We strive for an economically diverse student body and offer indexed tuition to families that may need support while attending SFS. Currently, 26% of our families take part in the indexed tuition program.

Tuition for the 2023-2024 school year

Preschool & Kindergarten (3 - 6 yr. olds)
Elementary School (1st - 5th)     
Middle School (6th-8th)  


Indexed Tuition Philosophy

The San Francisco School Indexed Tuition program is an institutional commitment to creating the broadest socioeconomically diverse student body possible. This program provides access to some who might not otherwise be able to obtain this education as well as makes the school more affordable to others. In doing so, the program seeks to benefit all children and therefore aims to distribute funds proportionally across the divisions, while keeping the long-term financial sustainability of the School at the forefront.

What is Indexed Tuition?

Due to our commitment to the economic diversity of our family body, not every student is charged the same tuition. Families who apply and qualify for reduced tuition pay a tuition level that takes into consideration what they are able to afford, based on a calculation done through the school and Clarity, a financial service that works with Independent Schools around the country. The school considers this calculation together with each family’s special circumstances and available funds (almost $1.8 million this year). Through this program, the 2023-24 tuition has been indexed from a minimum of $2,500 to a maximum of $40,982 (6% to 99%). This year 26% of our students pay tuitions that are below the maximum.

Once a student is awarded an “indexed tuition,” the school is committed to continuing to set their tuition at a level that reflects their family’s calculated ability to pay. Please read through the following documents for more information about the indexed tuition program: Process & Timeline and Policies

Tuition is based on a child’s grade level and is payable in one annual payment, four payments, or ten monthly payments.

An Extended Day Program is offered before and after school from 7:30 - 8:00 am and begins at 2:45 pm for Preschool, 3:15 pm for Elementary School, and at 3:45 pm for Middle School, ending at 6:00 pm. Families receiving Indexed Tuition will also pay an indexed rate for Extended Day. We will apply the same rate that the family receives for tuition to Extended Day and Summer Camps, up to a discount of 50%. 

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